PlayerPlus Limited (Player+) is an aggregated premium content operator, bringing together content from multiple brands and providers in single genre services and distributing across multiple streaming platforms and devices.

Player+ is headquartered in Elstree, UK and is led by a seasoned team of streaming and Pay-TV specialists, who oversee operations, distribution, data management, regulatory compliance, content providers, editorial. marketing, billing and customer care.


By bringing together the collective weight of multiple content brands and taking them to market in single D2C solutions, Player+ maximises content discovery, consumer take-up and monetisation.


Collective content sustains audience interest, engagement and retention.


Operating costs are spread and content collaborators participate in a fair and transparent revenue share model.

Distribution Partners

Player+ officially partners with the world's leading smart TV device manufacturers and mobile, telecom and pay TV operators

Do you produce smart TV enabled devices?

Do you operate a mobile, telecom or pay TV platform?

Do you want the highest quality content?

But, you do not want thousands of apps that will clutter your platform?

Player+ can help you.

How it works: Really simple. You partner with us and we’ll bring in the content, all in one genre-specific app.

We make sure that the service is compatible with your platform.

We provide your consumers with access to premium content either directly through us or through your billing systems.


What do you get: Greater engagement.  Added value. New revenue from genres and niches currently unaddressed.


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Tel: +44 (0) 208 811 8055

PlayerPlus Limited Registered Office:

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19-20 Bourne Court, Southend Road,

Woodford Green, IG8 8HD

Registered in England

(Company number: 12370950)



Content Partners

Player+ officially partners with the world's leading broadcasters, rights holders and content producers

Do you own high quality video content that you want to make available to viewers via a subscription or pay per view model?

An established brand?  A growing and emerging brand?  

Player+ can help you increase your brand exposure, improve viewer engagement and get insight into users’ viewing preferences.

Player+ can help you achieve your goals and get your content in front of audiences on their large HD screens.

Player+ will help you maximise content  discovery through bundling your content alongside other high quality content of the same genre, all in one place, maximising footfall.

How it works: Really simple. You partner with us and we add your content to the genre-specific Player+ platform, distributed to all enabled smart TVs and mobile devices.


What do you get: Increased viewership. Brand awareness. Scale. Fair transactional revenue share.


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​If you operate a news channel or network and are interested in joining our premium OTT line up of global channels live streaming in one place, then please contact the NewsPlayer+ content partner team here

If you operate a theatre or a live music venue, or maybe a producer, music rights holder, publisher, agency, or an artist seeking to reach audiences online through streaming pay per view or on demand, then be where audiences can find, buy and watch performing arts on TV screens.  Please contact the StagePlayer+ content partner team here

​More genre and niche focused Player+ services are in development.  Please check here for updates.


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