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The Ultimate News & Information Ecosystem

Take your place in the ultimate line-up of the best news channels around. From Bloomberg to Sky News, from CNBC to Al Jazeera.

Your 24/7 news channel showcased globally through browser, iOS, Andriod and Amazon Fire TV. A trusted ecosystem operating in the era of disinformation.

A Global Dimension to News


New subscription-based revenue and new opportunities for engagement  


Understand, develop & strengthen your audience to empower your growth


Benefit from exposure within a lineup of the most trusted names in news

Why Now

Record Election Year

More than 2 billion voters set to go to the polls in 50 countries in 2024. Bring your coverage of every twist and turn across what will be a pivotal year for the future of the planet.

Misinformation Age

Misinformation can spread across the world in an instant. As generative AI and deepfakes enter the news & information landscape, staying informed is the biggest challenge in the new technological era.

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