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Available Immersively for the First Time

Unmissable performances & live events and a world of news & information are coming to the metaverse on Eyeora XR.

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A New Dimension in Streaming

Join Eyeora XR for free on Pico, Oculus, Android, and Apple devices

A social 3D XR experience with or without VR headsets

Connect in groups with scheduled meet-ups in private mode or meet others in public mode

Our Content Lineup


200+ live performances across dance, theatre, global music and more (Including Take That, Madonna, & Katy Perry). 


33 live news channels, including Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC in one, trusted place. 

New channels, titles, and more are coming soon across news and performing arts.

Don't miss the launch

We'll be adding titles and channels to the fantastic lineups. Be the first to enjoy your favourite news & performing arts content immersively.

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